Department of Economics

David Pangan

  • Graduated: 2013
  • Field: Finance

David Pangan, who graduated in 2013, is a business development manager for Citco(opens in new window), a financial administration company with 80 offices in 41 countries.   He travels around the Asia Pacific (APAC) region to acquire new clients, create business networks for clients, and  to expand Citco’s business partner network of law, consulting and accounting firms.  David also is in charge of Citco’s  sales and marketing strategy in the Philippines, and he sourced and originate deals for Citco clients who are interested in the APAC region but do not have a presence there.

“The CSU Chico School of Economics gave me both a macro and micro perspective of the market place that allows me to understand global, regional and country specific trends,” David stated in a recent email.  “This is especially helpful in the deal sourcing aspect of my work but also, in understanding hot money and FDI flows. I think more than anything, being proud to be educated in the CSU Chico and being instructed by professors  like Perelman and the rest of the faculty, it has given me the confidence to work in the US, Africa and now APAC, being confident in my academic foundation and my capacity to learn and understand.”

Portrait of David Pangan