Department of Economics

Don Krause

  • Graduated: 1990
  • Field: Banking

Don Krause(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics and a BS in Finance and Accounting in 1990, is a branch manager and loan consultant with Caliber Home Loans(opens in new window) in Chico, California.  While a student at Chico State, Don participated in Rugby and the Finance Club.  “Like many people of Chico, I came to go to school, and never left,” he states on his LinkedIn(opens in new window) page.

After graduation, he began his career in real estate as owner and loan officer with Krause Real Estate Services until 2016, when he became a branch manager for Caliber, where he currently works.

“I was proud to be part of Covenant Mortgage from the start. We were a privately run mortgage broker office proudly serving thousands of borrowers.   We formally changed our name to First Priority Financial Inc. in 2014,” he states on his LinkedIn page(opens in new window).  First Priority merged with Caliber Home Loans in 2016. 

In 2009, Don signed on with First Priority Financial where he worked as branch manager and loan officer for almost 7 years.

“The knowledge of Economics has definitely helped me throughout my career in finance and in doing loans,” Don stated in a recent email.” “It has given me a better understanding of market trends, supply and demand, factors affecting the cost of money, etc. General knowledge of economics is beneficial in nearly all areas of business/management/marketing/finance.”  (Last Updated 1/12/18)

Portrait of Don Krause