Department of Economics

Douglas M. Smith

  • Graduated: 1995
  • Field: Law

Douglas M. Smith,who graduated cum laude in 1995 with a BA in Economics and Music, is a shareholder in Florida’s premier environmental law firm, Hopping Green and Sams.  After graduation Douglas enrolled in the McGeorge School of Law(opens in new window) at the University of the Pacific in Sacramento, California.  In 1999 He finished first in his class of 250.

“Long before I went to Chico State, my long term goal was to become a lawyer.  That said, after obtaining my econ degree I found myself looking at possible JD/MBA programs and graduate economics programs.  I ultimately went with law, but it was a tough decision,” Douglas explained in a recent email. 

“Economics was extremely useful in law school, both in helping me grasp the subject matter and in problem solving,” Douglas stated in his email.   He continued, “In practice it is even more useful.  Too often, opponents (both principals and their clients) can lose sight of the economic constraints and opportunities posed by legal problems.  My best clients are the ones who can keep their emotions at bay and look at matters from an objective, economic standpoint.  The fallacy of sunk costs is another concept that arises regularly.  Overall, economics is an excellent degree program for those seeking out careers in the law.” 

After graduation from law school Douglas worked as an associate with Miller Starr Regalia(opens in new window) for 5 years before joining Hopping Green and Sams where he litigates cases that often involve real estate issues.   (Last Updated 12/16/13)
Portrait of Douglas M. Smith