Department of Economics

Dustin Truesdell

  • Graduated: 2005
  • Field: Entertainment, Management/Entrepreneurship

Dustin Truesdell(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2005, played A-Rod in the Moneyball(opens in new window)movie in 2010.  He is a consultant at Green World Services(opens in new window)  in Lake Forest, California, and marketing manager for The Michael Alan Group(opens in new window) in New York City. 

Justin acted in the following movies:

Silicon Valley (2014): Venture Capitalist
Looking (2013): Dom's friend 
Moneyball (2011): Alex Rodriquez
Contagion (2011): Extra

As manager of The Michael Alan Group(opens in new window), where he has worked since 2012, Dustin oversees some of the “headline-grabbing publicity stunts” that the firm produces for its clients.  For example, as part of a viral marketing campaign, Dustin coordinated a team of actors to protest EA Sports game Dante's Inferno.

At Green World Services(opens in new window) he works with “industry leaders to implement facilities that utilize municipal solid waste to produce clean fuels and renewable chemicals.”

Portrait of Dustin Truesdell