Department of Economics

Edward A. Roualdes

  • Graduated: 2008
  • Field: University Professor

Edward A. Roualdes, who graduated with a BA in Economics and a BS in Mathematics in 2008, is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Chico State.  Edward received the 2007 Smale Scholarship for Excellence in Economics.  He completed his M.S. in Economics(opens in new window) from Tufts University(opens in new window) in 2010 and his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Kentucky in 2015.   In the same year Edward was awarded a position in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Chico State as an assistant professor.

Edward’s degree in economics allows him to bring real world problems into the classroom where he can show students how to apply the tools of statistics and mathematics.  His work in statistics focuses on penalized regression methods(opens in new window) fit with fully Bayesian hierarchical models.  This work bridges the gap between his academic interests, statistics and economics.  By brining economic and social science data sets into the classroom, his students learn statistics while working hands on with real world data. 

Outside of the classroom, Edward previously worked as a statistical consultant for the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture, Food and Environment(opens in new window).  Working on research projects with everyone from undergraduates to graduate students and from faculty to equine veterinarians, he developed an ability to communicate statistical concepts across a variety of disciplines.  His consulting experience will help budding research careers for Chico State's undergraduates and foster collaborative projects with fellow faculty members.  Apart from work, Edward enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and juggling. (Last Updated 8/9/19)

Portrait of Edward A. Roualdes