Department of Economics

Emily Kruger

  • Graduated: 2010
  • Field: Banking

Emily Kruger, who graduated with a BA in economics in 2010, is a commercial loan underwriter for a community bank, the Bank of San Francisco. As a loan underwriter she analyzes financial statements, tax returns, and credit reports to determine if a loan applicant's historic cash flow is adequate to cover payments on the proposed loan, as well as existing debt obligations.

"I utilize my background in economics within my job on a daily basis. I forecast what will likely happen to a company's financial performance in the future based on historic events. I analyze both micro and macro economic factors pertaining to the industry in which a loan applicant operates its business. I utilize skills acquired from Professor Shockley's Economic Literature class when I write loan presentations which summarize important financial data, explain trends, discuss a business' background, and compare the business' performance to similar businesses in its industry."

Portrait of Emily Kruger