Department of Economics

Eric Chesterman

  • Graduated: 2000
  • Field: Technology

Eric Chesterman(opens in new window), who graduated in 2000 with a BA in Economics, is a finance and business systems consultant, currently working with CFO Tools(opens in new window) in San Francisco, California.   After graduation Eric became a financial consultant for Marlin and Associates(opens in new window) where he worked for over 5 years.  During that period of time he also worked as a financial consultant for Oraxion(opens in new window) and as a consulting controller for Siliquent(opens in new window).  Current clients include IronKey(opens in new window)Marble Security(opens in new window), Nextbit, Translarity(opens in new window), and AppLovin.  Eric has also consulted on financial issues with Integrity Block(opens in new window), Imation, Xeralux(opens in new window)IronKey Inc(opens in new window)., EVNTLIVE, Lithium Technologies(opens in new window), and other Silicon Valley businesses.  (Last Updated 10/18/16)

Portrait of Eric Chesterman