Department of Economics

Evan Smith

  • Graduated: 2013
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant, Finance

Evan Smith(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics and a minor in Ethics and Social Policy in 2013, is an investment performance analyst at State Street in Sacramento, California. During his time at Chico State, Evan participated in Phi Delta Theta and was Vice-President of Finance for the Inter-Fraternity Council Executive Board at Chico State. Evan also found time to donate his services Phi Delta Theta.

Evan was a sales intern at Wittmeier Auto Center(opens in new window) during the summer after graduation. In early 2014 Evan accepted a job as Financial Representative with Pacific Advisors(opens in new window) in Sacramento, where he worked until the middle of 2014. In early 2015 Evan began working for State Street as a portfolio accountant. In the middle of 2016 he was promoted to performance analyst and to senior associate in 2017. Evan has been in his present position since January 2018.

“Having an Economics background has helped me invaluably in my career as it gave me insight into the broad world of finance and it’s innerworkings,” Evan stated in a recent email.  “In my day-to-day work I analyze large data sets for patterns to build detailed proofs and financial models. Economics has given me a well-rounded knowledge base which I can use for the rest of my life.”  (Last Updated 1/1/19)

Portrait of Evan Smith