Department of Economics

Frank Narcisco

  • Graduated: 1993
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

Frank Narcisco, who graduated in 1993 with a BA in Economics, is senior project manager for Swinerton Builders in Soquel, California. Frank also earned his BA in Geography and minor in Construction Italian.

“I wanted to work for PGE or something but they were on a hiring freeze,” Frank stated in a recent LinkedIn message (11/17/20). “I ended up working for Gallo Sales Company and sold wine in the Bay Area. I did not like this, but did not have a lot of options. I worked on a farm outside of Seattle, Washington and saved money. I wanted to go back and get my masters. I went back to Chico in Construction Management. I thought it was kind of crazy that I could get a master’s in CM without taking some of the fundamental courses, so I took the basic classes to get a good foundation. I ended up getting the BS and started working.”

After graduation in 1998 Frank took a job as project engineer for Hathaway Dinwiddie where he worked for 2 years before moving on to South Bay Construction in Campbell, California as project manager. A year later he took a job as senior estimator and project manager for Barry Swenson Builder in Santa Cruz, California. Frank also worked as project manager for Hallmark Construction in Santa Clara, California, Skyline Construction in Santa Clara and South Bay Construction in Campbell before accepting his current position with Swinerton.

Frank says that he is “skilled in constructability, contract management, process scheduler, submittals, and subcontracting” on his LinkedIn page.

“Unfortunately, economics did not really help me. I do still have an interest in economics and read books on the subject. Maybe it has helped me overall in the way I view things. The construction management degree was more in line with what I do now.” (last Updated 11/17/20)

Portrait of Frank Narcisco