Department of Economics

Garth Hansen

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant, Healthcare

Garth Hansen(opens in new window), who graduated in December 2011, is a consulting research analyst for Healthcare Informatics(opens in new window) Department at Cambia Health Solutions(opens in new window) in Portland, Oregon.  After graduation Garth worked as a research assistant for Chico State’s Center for Healthy Communities(opens in new window)

In 2013 Garth enrolled at Oregon State University(opens in new window) where he earned his MS in Statistics(opens in new window) in 2015.   Garth worked as a graduate teaching assistant helping with “laboratory activities using Minitab, monitoring and answering questions on online discussion boards, grading, and holding office hours to assist students with questions and homework,” according to his Garth's LinkedIn page(opens in new window). He also worked as a research assistant in Oregon State’s Survey Research Center(opens in new window), “entering data and writing reports for projects involving environmental and public health issues.”

After finishing his MS, Garth took a job as an associate research analyst with Cambia where he currently works.  Cambia promoted Garth to consulting research analyst in the middle of 2018.  He works on a small 7-person team that serves as consultants for Cambia and their company portfolio. They conduct program evaluations, and provide statistical, methodological, and content-specific consulting on a variety of projects. His team is involved in many facets of the company ranging from actuarial to provider care. 

“I have always wanted to understand how the world works,” Garth stated in a recent email. This has led to a diverse set of interests from history and sociology, to physics and geography. I studied mathematics and economics because I felt those encompassed many of my interests, albeit in an indirect fashion. Similarly, this is why I decided to study for a master’s degree in statistics. Every field uses statistics to some capacity and I want to learn new subjects and fields during my entire career.” 

“At the Center for Healthy Communities, I started as an intern and was eventually hired as a research assistant. This job was a great experience because it helped give me a sense of direction with my studies and career path which was to continue on with a master’s degree in statistics to get a job in either research and evaluation, or analytics.” 

When asked how he uses economics in his career, Garth stated that “Despite economics being a hodgepodge of theories explaining how one situation happened, economics somehow manages to weave its way into anything and everything making it a useful field of study. As a person with a mathematics and statistics background, my studies in economics provided a focus for applying those skills to real world problems by developing my analytical, quantitative, writing, and research skills. While I may not be employed in the economics field, I consistently apply these skills in both my professional and personal life.”  (Last Updated 10/14/15)