Department of Economics

George Richard

  • Graduated: 1987
  • Field: Marketing/Recruiting

George Richard(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1987, is vice president of sales and Marketing for Zolt and GAR Solutions(opens in new window) in San Jose, California. Over the years George has worked in the technology field with domestic and international firms that produce games and other “high tech” products.

After graduation George signed on as account manager for Activision(opens in new window) where he worked for 4 years until moving to Capcom(opens in new window), Santa Clara, California, as their national sales manager. In 1995 he accepted a position as vice president of sales with Psygnosis(opens in new window) in Foster City, California, and in Liverpool, United Kingdom. In 1997 George moved to Acclaim Entertainment(opens in new window) in Oyster Bay, NY, as western director of sales. In 2000 George accepted a position as regional sales manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America(opens in new window) where he continued working until 2007 when he became vice president of sales, marketing and digital distribution for Konami Digital Entertainment in El Segundo, California and Tokyo, Japan. After 6 years with Konami, George joined GAR Solutions, and later, Zolt where he is currently working.

George uses the skills he learned in his economics courses at Chico State every day when he forecasts revenue and cost for the various products that his firms launch and when he designs processes for reporting data.

Portrait of George Richard