Department of Economics

Georgie Bellin

  • Graduated: 1980
  • Field: Real Estate

Georgie Bellin(opens in new window), who graduated in 1972, is the owner and broker of a successful firm, The Group Real Estate Brokers, in Chico. Georgie embarked on her success as a prominent Chico real estate leader shortly after graduating from Chico State. While searching for a teaching position she answered phones at a local real estate company where her economics and finance knowledge sparked her interest in creative financing for young homebuyers. Despite the limited career opportunities for women in real estate at that time, she was able to break barriers and find her true passion and field of expertise.

In 2002 while still remaining best friends, Fran Shelton and Georgie separated their business partnership to follow their own unique path. Georgie set up The Group under the corporate umbrella of “Seva Corp”, a Tibetan translation for “generations to come”.  In 2018 she merged her real estate business with Century 21 Jeffries Lydon(opens in new window) of Chico.

Georgie is an active member of the community where she has served on the Chico City Council, the City of Chico Airport Commission, and the Butte County 2030 General Plan Committee.

Her dream is refined through each project she creates as she blends commercial work space with welcoming open public space and waterways adding to the uniqueness of Chico. After 7 years of planning, Sky creek Business Park will be Chico’s premier state of the art research and business park dedicated to reflect the area’s steady economic growth.

In a recent email, Georgie said, "My degree in economics has helped me so much over the years as I have had to try to explain to my clients how the housing market is affected by our nation's economy and the world at large."  (Last Updated 4/18/19)

Portrait of Georgie Bellin