Department of Economics

Jason Peterson

  • Graduated: 1993
  • Field: Technology

Jason Peterson(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1993, is a communications quality assurance (QA) engineer(opens in new window)  for Apple(opens in new window) in Cupertino, California.  After graduation Jason took a job as product specialist for Netopia(opens in new window) in Alameda, California, where he was an Ethernet specialist working on their local networks.   

In 2008 Jason moved on the Lucent Technologies(opens in new window) in Pleasanton, California, as a support engineer(opens in new window) where he worked for almost 2 years helping consumers with technical issues.  In the middle of 1999 Jason left Lucent to work for Extreme Networks(opens in new window) in Santa Clara, California, as an escalation engineer(opens in new window) providing support for more complicated issues that the “first line” workers.

In 1999 Jason began working for Trapeze Networks(opens in new window) as a senior application support engineer consulting on wireless network management and security.  Trapeze promoted Jason to test engineer in 2007.  He built and tested large scale networks and certified equipment that their equipment met federal (FIPS)(opens in new window) standards.   

Jason began working for Apple where he is currently employed at the end of 2008. (Last Updated 2/22/21)

Portrait of Jason Peterson