Department of Economics

Javier Jimenez

  • Graduated: 1994
  • Field: Finance, Marketing/Recruiting

Javier Jimenez(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1994, is founder and president of Firmo Investment Consulting Services(opens in new window) and CEO at Animal Funds LLC in Los Angeles, California.  After graduation Javier worked as a research and administrative assistant, distributing and sorting information for TCW Group(opens in new window) in Los Angeles.  A year later Javier moved on to Morgan Stanley(opens in new window) as financial advisor where he worked another year. 

In late 1998 Javier accepted a position as vice president of investments for Wedbush Morgan Securities(opens in new window) where he remained for 10 years.  During that decade Javier “served as moderator and panelist for “The Los Angeles Times Investment Strategies Conference” with America’s top money managers, stock pickers, and financial planners,” according to his LinkedIn page(opens in new window), and he was also, “frequently interviewed as guest investment expert on Bloomberg Radio, Univision, KABC-LA, Voice of America, and Telemundo.”  In 2009 Javier left Wedbush to found Firmo Investment Consulting services and to serve as its president. In 2010 Javier became vice president of sales and client relations engaging in global economic research for Behavioral Economics, Inc. where he remained for one year.  Since early 2016 Javier has been CEO of Animal Funds LLC and he continues his duties as president of Firmo. 

"My Econ degree has help me to better understand cost benefit analysis of which I use in making major business decisions," Javier stated in a recent email.  "Econometrics, a course I took while at Chico State helped me to better understand risk analysis in portfolio management. A new standard that has developed in the wealth management industry over that last decade. Great econ department! Great people!"  (Last Updated 11/11/16)

Portrait of Javier Jimenez