Department of Economics

Jennifer Dobb

  • Graduated: 2008
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Jennifer Dobb(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics and a minor in Business Administration in 2008, is a natural resource economist with the Bureau of Land Management(opens in new window) in Fort Collins, Colorado.  In 2010 she earned her MS in Agricultural and Resource Economics at Colorado State University(opens in new window).

While working on her master’s degree Jennifer was an economics clerk and university research assistant for USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services(opens in new window) at the National Wildlife Research Center(opens in new window) in Fort Collins, Colorado.  In her role with USDA APHIS, Jennifer researched impacts of human-wildlife conflicts and wrote proposals for new studies to quantify the economic damages of these conflicts.

In 2012 Jennifer left APHIS to join the U.S. Forest Service TEAMS Enterprise Unit. As an economist, she worked as part of interdisciplinary teams to assess the social and economic impacts of federal natural resource management plans, and how these impacts affect the benefits people derive from the natural environment.  After almost 3 years with the Forest Service, Jennifer accepted a position as economist with Pinyon Environmental, Inc.(opens in new window) before leaving Pinyon in 2017 to work for BLM.

“As an applied economist, economics is my career, Jennifer stated in a recent email. “My work generally lies at the intersection between regional and environmental economics, providing socioeconomic and environmental justice support.“  (Last Updated 5/13/19)

Portrait of Jennifer Dobb