Department of Economics

Jerrod Porteur

  • Graduated: 2008
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Jerrod Porteur, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2008, is a business analyst at Oracle in Rocklin, California. After graduation Jerrod went to work for Wells Fargo as a personal banker in San Francisco, California. He left after 5 months to work as project manager for Tattoo Brand Strategy in San Francisco. In 2011 Jerrod accepted a position as director of sales for Leal Vineyards in Morgan Hill, California. After almost three and one-half years with Leal, Jerrod moved on to JP Morgan Chase in Portland, Oregon. While he was working at JP Morgan, Jerrod enrolled at Maryhurst University in Maryhurst, Oregon, where he earned his MBA in 2016. Jerrod joined Oracle in 2016. (Last Updated 9/12/18)

Portrait of Jerrod Porteur