Department of Economics

Jim Lang

  • Graduated: 1989
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Jim Lang, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1989, is a construction management consultant with North Star Engineering in Yuba City where he manages public works construction projects for state, local and federal clients.  While a student at Chico State Jim worked with the University Academic Senate office and he worked for Regional and Economic Sciences assisting in economic surveys. 

After graduation Jim took a position as a public services planner at EIP Associates in Sacramento where he performed NEPA and CEQA documentation studies for numerous general plans including the location of a CSU campus in Ventura County, the Richards Boulevard and Southern Pacific Rail Yards Economic Redevelopment Areas.  Jim then joined Environmental Chemical Corporation in Burlingame, CA and worked on numerous US Army Corps of Engineers Remediation sites in California, Texas, Oklahoma and Iowa.  He took a position for PSC in Fernley, Nevada where he had primary responsibility for renewing EPA permits and then moved on to ITSI (now Gilbane Co.) where he worked for 13 years supervising a variety of construction projects for federal clients including the US Air Force, US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Navy NAVFAC. 

After several years as a construction management consultant to Beale AFB Engineering Flight, Jim has returned to his private sector roots with the family owned North Star Construction in Yuba City performing a variety of vertical and horizontal construction projects for local, state and federal clients throughout North America.

"The main value of my degree in Economics towards my career has been expressed in my capabilities to simultaneously understand the metrics of project progress, with the performance-oriented nature of the construction business,” Jim stated in a recent email.  “You have to understand trends, shifts and degrees of forward progress in way that you can effectively communicate with home office accounting and staffing personnel while simultaneously understanding the language of the numerous trades of construction, architecture and engineering.  The emphasis on statistics, quantitative and qualitative analyses gives you the necessary mental structure from which to grow professionally into areas of greater responsibility." (Last Updated 3/6/18)

Portrait of Jim Lang