Department of Economics

John Rawcliffe

  • Graduated: 2022
  • Field: Finance

John Rawcliffe(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2022, is a financial customer service representative at Empower(opens in new window), a financial services business in Greenwood Village, Colorado. 

"The US financial system and analyzing how people respond to incentives fascinate me and greatly influence the direction I am going to take my career path," John states on his LinkedIn page.

John enrolled at Chico State in 2015 after a summer job as a shooting sports instructor at the Pacific Skyline Council of the Boy Scouts of America where he taught boy scouts how to earn their archery and rifle merit badges.  After his freshman year at Chico State John was a shooting sports instructor for Camp Chesebrough in Los Gatos, and he continued working for the Boy Scouts during summers until he graduated from Chico State.

"Getting my economics degree opened up a lot of doors in my career search - a lot of job postings required a degree for entry-level jobs, John stated in a recent email.  “More than checking off a box, my degree gave me a lot of valuable background knowledge about an industry I had never worked in before, and that helped me to adjust during training and excel in the first few months at Empower."

(Last Updated 12/4/22)

Portrait of John Rawcliffe