Department of Economics

Jordan Baird

  • Graduated: 2017
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Jordan Baird(opens in new window), who graduated in 2017 with a BA in Economics and the Smale Award, is a data analyst with Phoenix Marketing International(opens in new window) in Sacramento, California.

“I made good use of my time in college, taking the quantitative pathway in the economics major while receiving honors, distinction, and the John Smale Award from the Economics Department faculty,” Jordan states on his LinkedIn page(opens in new window). “I have researched topics within the field, such as unemployment differentials and the yield curve's recession predicting power. However, I am also very interested in the utilization of econometric techniques to gain insights into non-economic phenomenon.”

“While in college I was employed by US Bank(opens in new window) as a member of the credit team. At US Bank I gained valuable insights into the banking industry and learned fundamentals of commercial lending. Among my greatest abilities are my strategic and quantitative thought-process, along with my ability to adapt to dynamic situations with tact and judgment. Moreover, I am an effective presenter and communicator,” he correctly concluded on LinkedIn. “After moving to Sac early last month, I finally landed a job as a data analyst,” Jordan stated in a recent email. “I will be working remotely for Phoenix Marketing International(opens in new window). They look at market data/surveys and advise companies on their marketing campaigns. I start next Friday and am stoked!” (Last Updated 2/14/18)

“Honestly though--wow-- it is a pain to get a job here in Sac! People say Sac is booming right now-- and it is-- but it's competitive! I applied to around 30 jobs, was interviewed for 6, and received 2 offers. It was so discouraging to get denied on applications/interviews that you really put your heart into! It's crazy out here, but it seems to have worked out! --for now.” (Last Updated, 2/7/18)

Portrait of Jordan Baird