Department of Economics

Julianna Louise Hays

  • Graduated: 2000
  • Field: Technology

Julianna Louise Hays(opens in new window), who graduated in 2000 with a BA in Economics and a double minor in Accounting and Mathematics, is a manufacturing planner at Lockheed Martin(opens in new window) in Sunnyvale, California. Julianna finished her AS in Mathematics, Liberal Arts, and Social and Behavioral Sciences at Butte College(opens in new window) in 1996 and enrolled at Chico State in 1997. 

After graduation at Chico State Julianna accepted a position as a satellite system engineer at Lockheed Martin. In 2005 Lockheed promoted Julianna to a senior satellite systems engineer, and she began working on her MBA(opens in new window) at Golden Gate University(opens in new window) (GGU).

Julianna graduated with an MBA, specializing in Information Technology and Operations & Supply Chain Management at GGU in 2008.  She changed jobs to be a senior items analyst at Lockheed Martin which better aligned with her MBA. In 2013 Julianna changed positions again to senior manufacturing planner.  In 2016 Lockheed promoted her to a staff manufacturing planner.

“My economics education has played some significant roles in my career,” Julianna stated in a recent email.  “It taught me to look outside of the box and search for alternative answers to the questions. Always anticipate the opportunities that are going to be available. The most important lesson that I learned while at Chico State in the Economics Department is that networking is your lifeline for your career!”    (Last Updated 2/14/17)

Portrait of Julianna Louise Hays