Department of Economics

Katrina Robertson

  • Graduated: 2002
  • Field: University Administrator

Katrina Robertson(opens in new window), who graduated summa cum laude(opens in new window) in 2002 with a B.A. in Economics and a Minor in Business Administration(opens in new window), is assistant financial director for Associated Students(opens in new window) at Chico State.  After graduation she began working for Johnson and Heller(opens in new window), an accounting firm in Chico.   Katrina continued working for Johnson and Heller after accepting a job as real estate agent for Prudential California Realty in 2006.

After working for 9 years as an accountant and 5 years as a real estate agent, Katrina came back to campus in 2011 as an accounting supervisor for the Associated Students of CSU, Chico. She supervised accounting technicians and performed a variety of professional financial analyses and accounting functions.  In 2019 Associated Students promoted Katrina to assistant financial director.

In a recent email Katrina stated that “My degree in Economics has given me the analytical reasoning skills and math and communication skills necessary for my job. Additionally, I gained a general understanding of the different elements of a business, enabling me to see the full picture.” (Last Updated 8/8/19)

Portrait of Katrina Robertson