Department of Economics

Kazuko Hiramatsu

  • Graduated: 2002
  • Field: Marketing/Recruiting

Kazuko Hiramatsu began her career with Mazda immediately after her graduation in 2002. She worked in marketing for Mazda in their Japanese headquarters for several years before transferring to the automaker’s German office. In 2012 she returned to Japan where she enjoyed her position at the European department of Mazda’s headquarters. In Kazuko’s last project before her maternity leave, she managed the donation of 117 cars from Mazda to the Republic of Serbia. Her daughter was born in December 2014, and Kazuko plans to return from maternity leave in April 2016. “I am not sure which position I will get after the maternity leave, but I hope it will be something challenging that will allow me to apply the tools of economics that I learned at Chico State.”

“I miss Chico -even my parents miss Chico!- and I really hope I can visit there near future,” she added in a recent email.”

Portrait of Kazuko Hiramatsu