Department of Economics

Keith S. Evans

  • Graduated: 2002
  • Field: Environment, University Professor

Keith S. Evans(opens in new window), who graduated with a B.A. in Economics with Honors in 2002, is an assistant professor(opens in new window) of Marine Resource Economics(opens in new window) at the University of Maine(opens in new window) in Bangor, Maine.  Keith competed on the Chico State Speech and Debate team.

He enrolled in the graduate program at Iowa State University(opens in new window) in 2006 and worked as a graduate research assistant in the Resource and Environmental Policy Division(opens in new window) until the end of 2010.  In 2008 Keith also taught one semester as an instructor of economics.  He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Iowa State University(opens in new window) in 2011.

Keith was awarded a pre-doctoral research fellowship in Environmental and Resource Economics from the Center for Environmental Economics and Sustainability Policy at Arizona State University(opens in new window). Here, he researched the impact of remediation of superfund sites in Maricopa County, AZ on the housing location decisions of households. After completing his doctorate in 2011, he joined the economics faculty at St. Lawrence University(opens in new window) in Canton, New York. Since July of 2014, he has been an assistant professor in the School of Economics(opens in new window) and School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine(opens in new window) in Orono.  

At Chico State, Keith had the opportunity to work with Professor David E. Gallo in research regarding population targets and recreational salmon fishing. In an email Keith stated that "My time at Chico State was important to my success in graduate school. The course work trained me to think conceptually about economic problems, rather than attempt memorization or brute force methods. This allowed me to address new research questions using the ideas introduced in other situations. The economics faculty are the department's greatest asset. During my time as a student they inspired me to enter academia and both prepared and encouraged me to attend graduate school." (Last Updated 5/15/19)

Portrait of Keith S. Evans