Department of Economics

Kimberley Mazza

  • Graduated: 2005
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship, Technology

Kimberly Mazza, who graduated with a BA in economics in 2005, is a Director of Master Data Management for Lancaster Colony Company. She is also an adjunct professor at Ohio Dominican University where she teaches project management. 

After graduation Kimberly took a job with Target as operations group leader.  In 2006 while working for Target Kimberly enrolled at Ellis University’s graduate program.  In 2007 Kimberly moved on to Elk Grove Unified School District as operations manager.  She continued her graduate work and earned her MBA in 2008.

“My career slowly morphed into a Master Data Management (MDM) specialty over the last few years, really starting when I worked for Elk Grove USD, CA, in 2007,” Kimberly stated in a recent email.  “I had experience there with architectural project management and a back-office inventory system implementation.”

In 2010 while working for Elk Grove Unified School District Kimberly enrolled in the Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University.  She earned her Project Management Master’s Degree and her PMP certification in 2011 and moved on to Cardinal Health as operations management supervisor. 

“In 2011 I went to Cardinal Health where my career switched from inventory and warehouse management directly into master data,” Kimberly stated.  “I had responsibilities, much like today, on both business and IT sides of the house through my first SAP implementation.  I also began my career as a project manager at Cardinal Health before moving to LCC.  This includes lean processes and using statistical data to improve processes or make determinations of the data we are looking at in order to perform a project.  Reporting is also an element in all of my roles and knowing how to present data in a usable format is crucial for teams and businesses to operate.”

In 2018 Kimberly accepted a position as an adjunct professor at Ohio Domican University where she continues to teach project management.

After several promotions at Cardinal Health, Kimberly worked as software engineering manager for SAP master data for almost two years before leaving the company in 2019 for Lancaster Colony Company where she currently works.

“Economics really is a base for the type of work I do,” Kimberly stated.  “If you think about all the things we learn in economics, the basis is data and reporting.  When you think about technology roles, whether it be coding, master data, or profiling, you are making determinations about the data and the impacts of that data and what that data means.  Economics teaches us the tools in a different way, more mathematical, but it is the same premise with master data.”  (Last Updated 12/8/19)

Portrait of Kimberley Mazza