Department of Economics

Knox Marshall

  • Graduated: 1993
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

Knox Marshall, who graduated in 1993 with the Department’s highest recognition, the Smale Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics, is vice-president of resources for Murphy Company(opens in new window).  After graduation he spent the next 13 years working for institutional investors on acquisitions of large tract timberlands for The Campbell Group (now Campbell Global(opens in new window)) headquartered in Portland, Oregon before joining the Murphy Company in Eugene, Oregon.

“I wanted to get an old school family owned exposure to the lumber business and I have never looked back,” Knox stated in a recent email. “Murphy Company is one of the most successful plywood and engineered lumber companies in the forest products industry. My focus for the future is business development and continued growth of the company. The success of any company is dependent on creating solutions that continue to evolve with the ever-changing economy.

“The education in economics at Chico State that I was fortunate to have been able to complete is the basis for the development and advancement in my career. I believe economics is an excellent complement to any work experience for professional development in any business. The broad application of an economics education towards everyday business solutions is critical in being where I am today.” (Last Updated 1/25/16)

Portrait of Knox Marshall