Department of Economics

Marianne O'Malley

  • Graduated: 1982
  • Field: Government

Marianne O'Malley graduated with a BA in economics and a BA in political science in 1982. She went to Harvard where she received her master’s degree in public policy in 1985. Her master’s thesis on the topic of “Cruising for Parking” in central cities was awarded first prize by the American Planning Association. She is the Managing Principal Analyst of the State and Local Finance section of the Legislative Analyst Office (LAO). Ms. O’Malley has broad responsibilities for supervising matters related to state employee compensation, infrastructure spending, and state and local taxation.

Since joining the LAO in 1985, Ms. O’Malley has testified and lectured extensively on the subjects of local government finance, property taxation(opens in new window), sales tax (PDF), the initiative process, and state infrastructure investment. She is the principal author of a series of LAO reports examining modern California local finance and a recent report on the dissolution of redevelopment(opens in new window).

Ms. O’Malley has fond memories of Chico State. “Frankly, I wouldn't have gotten where I am without Professor Jon Ebeling's and Professor Michael Perelman's kind and active encouragement,” she stated in a recent email.

Portrait of Marianne O'Malley