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Department of Economics

Matthew Ryan Sloggy

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: University Professor

Matthew Sloggy(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics and honors in the major in 2011, is a postdoctoral researcher at Colorado State University(opens in new window).  While at Chico State Matthew was a member of the Men’s track team where he was the Division II Athletic Directors Association Academic Achievement Award(opens in new window) winner.  He also found time to take an active role in the Chico State Economics Club.

After graduating from Chico State Matthew, entered graduate school at UC Santa Barbara(opens in new window) where he received his MA in Economics(opens in new window) in 2012.

In 2013 Matthew entered the graduate program in Applied Economics at Oregon State University(opens in new window).   While working toward his doctorate Matthew was a teaching assistant for environmental economics.  He completed his PhD in economics(opens in new window) in 2018 and began his work as a postdoctoral researcher at Colorado State University in Fort Collins(opens in new window), Colorado.

Matthew researches the interaction between human and natural systems.  “Specifically, I work on modeling the economic impacts of forest mortality in the western United States,” he stated in a recent email.  Matthew also researches topics related to forestry, carbon markets, and computational economics. 

“My experience in economics has been invaluable to my career.  As a graduate student in economics, I have had the blessing of using my education in a number of exciting and important contexts.  With much of my work being interdisciplinary, I am often tasked with applying economic principles in unique situations.  This would be impossible without the education and experience that Chico State provided me.” (Last Updated 9/3/19)