Department of Economics

Michael Hodgkinson

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant, Finance

Michael Hodgkinson(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2011, manages acquisitions for Aimco Apartment Homes in San Francisco, California and acts as a consultant with Ground Level Equity, LLC.  During the summer before he graduated, he was an intern with Kinsell, Newcomb and DeDios Inc(opens in new window) in San Diego, California, where he analyzed financial statements, projected discounted cash flows, and performed due diligence for public private partner deals. During the fall semester of his senior year, Michael interned for Stifel Nicolaus(opens in new window) in Chico. In this internship Michael helped the firm’s clients, developed a media advertising campaign, and outlined a mock proposal for a hostile takeover bid.

After graduation Michael accepted a position as an engineering analyst for Gas Transmission Systems(opens in new window). In less than a year Gas Transmission Systems promoted him to business analyst. After almost 4 years he accepted a position with Grosvenor Group in San Francisco.  While at Grosvenor (a REIT), Michael developed underlying debt and equity assumptions for Grosvenor’s North American portfolio and provided investment recommendations to the company’s investment committee. While still working for Grosvenor Michael began consulting with Ground Level Equity LLC on their real estate funds.  He left Grosvenor Group in 2019 when he took a job with Aimco where he currently works.  Throughout his career, Michael has applied his economics framework to each of the positions he has held.

“Studying economics helped me develop a habit of careful, analytical thought— always considering opportunity costs of each decision being made,” Michael stated in an email. “This has benefited me in both my personal and professional endeavors, and aided me in strategically mapping out how a given decision may have greater implications within a business context."  (Last Updated 5/22/19)

Portrait of Michael Hodgkinson