Department of Economics

Michael Karp

  • Graduated: 2014
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship, Marketing/Recruiting, Technology

Michael Karp(opens in new window), who completed his BA with honors in Economics in 2014, founded and manages MK Media(opens in new window) in Milpitas, California.  During the first semester of his senior year at Chico State Michael worked as a research assistant for the CSU Chico Center for Economic Development(opens in new window).  During the second semester of his senior year he worked as a features columnist for The Orion(opens in new window), Chico State’s student newspaper. 

"After graduating in the spring of 2014, I spent four months learning how to build an online business so I could travel the world. I started off freelance writing, but quickly transitioned into becoming a digital marketing consultant,” Michael stated in an email.  “I launched in new window), my digital marketing blog and the online home of my business, in November of 2014. I then emailed over 150 marketing agencies to pitch my services. Three agreed to work with me, and I was off to the races." 

Michael worked with firms to increase their web traffic and market their products with Copytactics until the middle of 2017 when he founded MK Media, “an umbrella entity hosting various web properties that utilize digital marketing to generate online revenue,” according to his LinkedIn(opens in new window) page.  Michael’s business “portfolio may evolve to include ecommerce, authority site, membership, online training, and other digital business models.”

“My economics background has helped me think strategically about my business and how I help my clients grow theirs. The research papers also helped me become a strong writer, which helped tremendously in a digital marketing world where content reigns supreme.

Here are a few of the pieces I've written, to give you an idea of what I do for my clients:

Cost Effective SEO: How I Drove 34,000 Search Engine Visits in 60 Days (For Free)(opens in new window)

21 Strategies to Drive More Free Website Traffic Today(opens in new window)

Viral List Building Case Study: How One Blog Gained 3,200 Subscribers in 7 Days(opens in new window)

I also published a 180-page ebook that teaches people how to do what I do for my clients. It's called The Content Marketing Guidebook(opens in new window).  It's my first digital product, and as I grow my business in 2016, I'm planning to launch more of these products in the form of ebooks and online courses.”

My econ degree gave me the foundation I needed to be confident starting my own business. It has helped me think like a business person and put those thoughts into action to achieve real world results."  (Last Updated 6/8/19)

Portrait of Michael Karp