Department of Economics

Michelle Zetah

  • Graduated: 2006
  • Field: Law

Michelle Zetah, who graduated with a BA in Political Science and Legal Studies and a Minor in Economics in 2006, is an associate attorney at the Law Office of Rebecca Conradi in Oakland, California. After graduation Michelle enrolled at the Golden Gate University School of Law where she completed her Doctor of Jurisprudence in law and taxation and her Master of Laws in taxation in 2010. While at Golden Gate, Michelle was a law clerk for the Law Office of Rebecca Conradi from 2009 to 2010. During her semester in the LL.M. program, she worked at the Office of Chief Counsel for the IRS. After completing her LL.M. in Tax, she went to work for Andersen Taxas an intern in 2011 and was quickly promoted to associate. She became a senior associate in 2013 and a manager at Andersen in 2015. In 2016 she moved into her current position as associate attorney for Rebecca Conradi.

“I have worked with clients who were CEOs, CFOs, hedge fund managers, and employees holding stock options at companies that were going public,” Michelle stated in a recent email. “In order to effectively advise these clients, I needed to understand the effects that ups and downs in the economy have on my clients' investment strategies and their tax rates. I believe that the knowledge I gained in my economics classes at Chico guided me to understand the macro and micro economics that has helped me achieve success in law and tax. Due to this background, I am able to keep up to date on the changing economy and political climate, which have a direct correlation to each clients' tax planning strategies.”