Department of Economics

Nick Boles

  • Graduated: 2009
  • Field: Technology

Nick Boles(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics with a concentration in International in 2009, is a digital media consultant in Los Angeles, California.  Nick was a member of the Economics Club, the Omicron Delta Epsilon Honors Society, the AS Government Affairs Council, the  Academic SenateAS board of Directors(opens in new window) and other organizations listed on his  LinkedIn page(opens in new window).  During his senior year Nick wrote a paper on the Venezuelan oil dependency for his  honors in the major class.  He was one the Model United Nations team that was awarded best delegation.   Nick also studied Spanish at the  Universidad Complutense de Madrid(opens in new window) while he was working on his degree at Chico State. 

After graduation Nick accepted a job managing sales with  La Curacao(opens in new window), a retailer in Los Angeles, California.  While working for La curacao, Nike moved began a digital media and promotions internship with  Shangri-La Music(opens in new window).  After working one year for La Curacao and completing his internship in 2010, Nick signed on as business manager for  Forte Management(opens in new window), a firm based in New York City.   In 2013 Nick worked for 3 months as a tour accountant for  H2 Business Management(opens in new window) in Santa Monica, California.  Later in 2013 the  Coro Fellows(opens in new window)  admitted Nick into Public their program which prepares people for leadership roles in public affairs.  In 2014 Nick ran for the Santa Monica city council.   He also began working for  Trusted Messenger Marketing(opens in new window) (TMM) where he is currently employed as a digital media consultant.  “TMM utilizes the power of online branding, messaging and social media to enhance the online and collateral presence of organizations,” according to their website. (Last Updated 9/28/18)

Portrait of Nick Boles