Department of Economics

Peter Wojnowski

  • Graduated: 2013
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Peter Wojnowski, who graduated in 2013 with a BA in International Economics is a senior analyst for Pacific Gas and Electric(opens in new window) in San Francisco, California.  He credits his internship at Inmet(opens in new window) in Kielce, Poland with much of his success. When he began his internship, he worked as administrative support and that job evolved into an analytic role where he “helped carry out financial analysis at multiple levels including rate of return, depreciation, working capital, investments, budgeting, cost analysis, job analysis and financial and expense performance comparisons,” according to his Peter's LinkedIn page(opens in new window). Peter also found time to participate in the Econ Club, the Investors Club, and the Finance Club.

After graduation Peter accepted a job in Pleasanton, California, with PepsiCo(opens in new window) as a finance and trade analyst, managing trade promotions and spending for major customers on the west coast. The role was fast paced and multifaceted. His favorite aspects were forecasting analysis and post-sales analysis. "Forecasting goes hand-in-hand with demand-planning, which is a huge topic in economics. In fact, a lot of the seemingly complex analysis I have done can be related back to some of the most basic models taught in economics."

In a recent email, Peter stated that, "My microeconomics courses taught me how to find optimal points of production and efficiency. These types of quantitative modeling/reasoning skills helped me evaluate and analyze data pertaining to sales, operations, and manufacturing." (Last Updated 8/26/17)

Portrait of Peter Wojnowski