Department of Economics

Robert Delp

  • Graduated: 1992
  • Field: Environment

Robert Delp, who received his BA in Economics with an emphasis on energy and environmental issues in 1992, is a self-employed environmental consultant working in the Sacramento area. He also serves as project manager for Benchmark Resources(opens in new window). “ Mr. Delp has nearly 20 years of experience conducting resources analyses, preparing environmental documents, and managing environmental planning and review processes. He prepares environmental documents for compliance with CEQA and NEPA for transportation, water resources, energy infrastructure, and industrial projects. Mr. Delp also manages and conducts transportation, land use, and recreation planning associated with environmental review. His focus at Benchmark is environmental analysis for new and expanded quarries. He has contributed to and managed some of the largest and most controversial mine proposals proposed in the Central Valley.” In 2010 Robert earned his certificate in land use and environmental planning at the University of California, Davis.

Portrait of Robert Delp