Department of Economics

Ryan G. Miller

  • Graduated: 2012
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant, University Professor

Ryan G. Miller, who graduated with a “double major” in Economics and Geography in 2012, is an instructor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, a researcher in the Geographical Information Center, and a project manager in the Center for Economic Development, all positions held on campus. After graduation Ryan enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle where he received his Master of Urban Planning (MUP) in 2014. In fall 2014 he returned to Chico to work at the Geographic Information Center and the Center for Economic Development. Ryan has been teaching in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies since Spring 2015. He uses economics in his geography classes to help students understand the overlap between the disciplines.

Ryan began his career as an intern at the Center for Economic Development while an undergraduate at Chico State. As an intern, Ryan analyzed broadband data mapping to answer important economic questions. This inspired Ryan to pursue an interdisciplinary approach with economics and geography.

Portrait of Ryan G. Miller