Department of Economics

Sadie Foster

  • Graduated: 2015
  • Field: Politics

Sadie Foster graduated with a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Bachelor’s with Distinction in International Relations, and Honors in General Education in 2015. After graduation her internship with Senator Jim Nielsen turned into a position as district representative for him in the California state senate.

Sadie was a student researcher for Chico State’s Center for Economic Development during the spring of 2014. She also worked as a desk attendant and as a resident adviser in Whitney Hall .

Sadie was active in Chico State’s Model United Nations where she won awards for her position papers and her participation in delegations. She was treasure of the Chico State College Republicans during her senior year. Sadie participated in Study Abroad during the summer of 2013 at the University Of Alicante , Spain.

“My Bachelor's degree in Economics helps me understand the implications of policy decisions made in the Legislature. I communicate with the constituents who are affected by our laws, especially small businesses in the North State and being able to fully understand how each law affects them helps me better serve them,” Sadie stated in a recent email.

Portrait of Sadie Foster