Department of Economics

Sam Enriquez

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: Technology

Sam Enriquez(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in 2011, is a digital marketing and analytics consultant at Accenture in Los Angeles, California. 

It was during the summer following my graduation that I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life, to leave California for the big apple, New York City,” Sam stated in an email.  He had accepted a job working in NYC for Resolute Digital(opens in new window), LLC, a digital advertising agency where he had interned during the previous few summers while at Chico State.  In 2012 Sam moved back to California and began working for Resolute Digital in their Santa Monica office.  I'm now responsible for all west coast operations and help manage the marketing strategy with one of our key clients on-site in Orange County, Local Corporation(opens in new window).” 

In 2015 Sam accepted a position with Accenture where he currently works as digital marketing and analytics consultant.  Advertising agencies have long been sought after by companies big and small for brand positioning, creative ideas, and overall revenue driving strategies.  In his role as an analytics manager, Sam managed the implementation of web and mobile analytics strategies to track key pieces of business data.

Analytics is the foundation of any marketing strategy, and Sam helps give businesses the tools to analyze important metrics to make smarter data driven decisions. Sam explained that this is a very new field and a critical part in bridging the gap between marketing strategy and the decisions key business stakeholders make. Although this role is more technical in nature than his economics courses, according to Sam, “It has proved incredibly valuable throughout my career thus far. The ability to analyze data, construct theories and draw conclusions is the key thought process which will bring you success in your career, regardless of the path you take.”  (Last Updated 8/18/18) 

 “Studying Economics at Chico allowed me the opportunity to view social interaction, specifically business, through a set of rational and process-oriented lenses, “Eric stated in a recent email. “In situations that call for strategic planning in my line of work, I tend to evaluate opportunity cost and what actions have the highest likelihood of putting forward the most utility. Possessing this point of view has been immensely helpful.” (Last Updated 8/19/18)

Portrait of Sam Enriquez