Department of Economics

Sarah Morin

  • Graduated: 2016
  • Field: Real Estate

Sarah Morin(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2016 and a minor in International Global Studies, is an appraisal support representative with RPM Mortgage(opens in new window) in Walnut Creek, California. Primarily I work to ensure the efficient and timely placement of appraisal orders, according to her LinkedIn page(opens in new window). I also support field appraisers and provide customer service.

Before entering Chico State in 2012 Sarah was a clerk with Lunardi Foods(opens in new window) in Daville, California. During high school she worked for Third Key in Danville performing various tasks from running errands to bookkeeping. In 2014, Sarah was an English teacher in the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)(opens in new window) in the Viterbo Area of Italy. During the summer before her senior year at Chico State Sarah was a waitress at the Fieldhouse Bar and Grill in Danville.

My economics degree has helped me in a million different ways, and while it doesn't seem like my career would have very much to do with my major, I am able to use a lot of the skills I acquired in college to help me, Sarah stated in a recent email. By being an economics major I learned how to problem solve more efficiently, which constantly comes in handy. I also learned a lot about excel which I have been able to apply to my job, as well as just get a firmer grasp on what is going on in the economy every day, as it affects interest rates and therefore my company. (Last Updated 1/20/17)

Portrait of Sarah Morin