Department of Economics

Sean O'Toole

  • Graduated: 2005
  • Field: Law

Sean O’Toole, who graduated in 2005 with a BA in Economics, is an attorney in Columbia, South Carolina.  He was a computer science major at Chico State when he took an economics class that inspired him to change his major to economics. After graduation from Chico Sean enrolled in the University of South Carolina School of Law(opens in new window) in 2007 and received his JD in 2010. Sean primarily deals with health care and pharmaceutical litigation as well as contractual issues for a local clinical practice plan.

"Economics has allowed me to look at legal issues differently by viewing not only the direct consequences of an action, but also the many indirect consequences that are likely to arise as a result of that action." (Last Updated 1/5/17)

Portrait of Sean O'Toole