Department of Economics

Shaun Carrigan

  • Graduated: 2011
  • Field: Technology

Shaun Carrigan(opens in new window), who graduated in 2011 with a BA in economics and a minor in Computer Science, is a software developer at Educational Media Foundation(opens in new window)K – LOVE and Air1 Media Networks. Shaun earned his AA in Social and Behavior Science at Butte College(opens in new window) in 2007 and he enrolled at Chico State in 2008.  Shaun worked as a sales associate at AS ComputerWorks during his first 2 years at Chico State.  He left AS ComputerWorks to be a research assistant in the Center for Economic Development, a position he held until 2011. 

After graduation Shaun worked as an associate release engineer for, Veeva Systems(opens in new window), a software company in Pleasanton, California. Veeva is a cloud-based software company that provides solutions to the Life Sciences Industry.  He was promoted to release engineer in 2014.  As a Release Engineer, Shaun managed the software builds and releases for all of Veeva's supported platforms including Online, Windows Tablet, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry. This role requires in-depth knowledge of multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), programming and very quick problem-solving skills. 

After 4 years with Veeva Shaun took a job as quality automation engineer for Educational Media Foundation K-LOVE and Air1 Media Works where he is currently employed.    Educational Media promoted Shaun to software developer in 2017. 

“My degree in Economics has helped me to think outside the box and to have a more analytical approach to solving problems,” Shaun stated in a recent email.  “It also opened the door for interning at the Center for Economic Developer (CED) where I had the opportunity to work with regional data, economic indicators, and Geographic Information Software (GIS).”  (Last Updated 5/2/19)

Portrait of Shaun Carrigan