Department of Economics

Steve Andrews

  • Graduated: 1981
  • Field: Banking, Management/Entrepreneurship

Steve Andrews, who graduated in with a BA in Economics and a BA in Philosophy in 1981, is president and CEO of the Western Bankers Association, a state banking trade association representing banks in thirteen western states and headquartered in Sacramento, CA. The association is active in lobbying on behalf of the banking industry and in delivering professional education.

Steve attended the University of Florida before enrolling at Chico State in 1976. As a lifelong learner Steve has continued his education at the University of California, Berkeley earning a certificate in Personal Financial Planning, and he is a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School.

After graduating from Chico State Steve entered the banking industry joining Bank of America in a management training program. Steve has enjoyed a productive career in the industry having started, turned around, scaled and sold banks in addition to leading four banks as the president and CEO. Currently Steve is considered a leading spokesman for the industry in his role as president and CEO of the Western Bankers Association.

Throughout his banking career Steve has actively advocated for banks volunteering his time in both federal and state bank trade associations. As an ardent supporter of banking, Steve has represented the industry at both the state and federal level testifying in front of congressional committees, on industry panels, and before government agencies and regulators.

Steve also contributes to the banking industry as an educator who taught at California State University – East Bay and as a guest lecturer to Chinese bankers in the China America Business and Education Center and at the Pacific Coast Banking School, where he taught leadership. Steve continues to be active with the Pacific Coast Banking School serving as a member of the board of directors.

In addition to banking, Steve has been active in the fintech industry as both an advisor and investor. Currently Steve is volunteering his time in accelerators and is an advisor to social impact companies such as FinTech4good.

Looking back on his days at Chico State Steve stated, “Chico State and my degrees in philosophy, and in particular economics, provided me with a solid academic foundation to apply to real world enterprises.”  (Last Updated 1/24/21)

Portrait of Steve Andrews