Department of Economics

Tayler Grieco

  • Graduated: 2015
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

Tayler Grieco(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics and minors in Project Management and Sustainable Management in 2015, is the business services team leader for Goal Structured Solutions(opens in new window), an asset management company in San Diego, California.  While a student at Chico State Tayler help support himself as a sales consultant with Best Buy(opens in new window).  He also worked as fiscal budget intern with the County of Calaveras(opens in new window) in San Andreas, California, during the summer before his senior year. 

After graduation Tayler worked for Sutter Health(opens in new window) in Mather, California, as a project coordinator. In 2016 he worked as an industry relations coordinator for Visit California(opens in new window), a non-profit organization in Sacramento, California.

Tayler taught for the Calaveras County School District in San Andreas, California from November of 2016 until July 2017 when he accepted a job as business services representative for Goal Structured Solutions where he is currently employed.  After 6 months he was promoted to team leader. 

“Majoring in Economics has helped me develop a thought process around the idea of decision making in the business world,” Tayler stated in a recent email.  “This foundation allows economic majors like myself to take in perspectives from all different angles and strategically analyze the communications, and reports from each perspective to move the ideas or business forward.”  (Last Updated 11/7/18)

Portrait of Tayler Grieco