Department of Economics

Thomas Bruckenstein

  • Graduated: 2016
  • Field: Finance, Government

Thomas Bruckenstein, who graduated in 2016 with a BA in Economics, is a financial institutions examiner for the California Department of Business Oversight(opens in new window)(DBO) in Los Angeles, California.

“The knowledge gained by earning an Economics degree from CSU, Chico has helped my career in many different ways,” Thomas stated in a recent email.  “Courses have taught me the framework of how the U.S. banking system works.  Most notably, how rising or falling interest rates can affect a bank’s financial position.  Writing skills attained through various classes have helped me convey financial data in a logical and efficient manner.  Knowledge of excel has proven to be important, especially when extracting loan and deposit data.”

“I value how economics creates an active and curious mind.  Economics has shown me that everything is related and changes in one variable will affect many other variables.  Numerous classes have taught me how to understand and explain those relationships; and the ability to do so has awarded me the traits to be successful in my career.”  (Last Updated 7/2/17)

Portrait of Thomas Bruckenstein