Department of Economics

Tiffany Lightle

  • Graduated: 2016
  • Field: Analyst/Consultant

Tiffany Lightle, who graduated in 2016 with a BA in Economics with honors in Environmental Economics, is the assistant city planner for the Anderson, California.  She began her career with the City of Anderson as a planning intern in April of 2017, and in November of that year the City promoted her to assistant city planner.  Tiffany was senior research assistant at the Center for Economic Development(CED) at Chico State for almost 2 years before she began working for the City of Anderson.

She transferred to Chico State from  Shasta College with an Associate’s Degree in Social Studies in 2014.  During her junior year at Chico State she completed an internship as research assistant for the Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum, collecting and entering survey data.  After completing her internship, Tiffany began working as a student research assistant at the CED, researching data, creating maps and helping write reports.  After graduation Tiffany decided to take one more semester at Chico State in order to finish her minor in Geography.  She continued working at CED while completing her minor.

The economics department at Chico State has given me a great deal of skill sets which I am able to apply in real-life settings,” Tiffany stated in a recent email.  “Many of the classes at Chico State, such as Econometrics and Economic Statistics, have prepared me for data collection and analysis in the real world. I am able to think more critically and am better able to see the bigger picture. The Center for Economic Development has given me the ability to collect and analyze regional data, assist in creating reports, and provide spatial representations of data collected by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software and interactive mapping.”   (Last Updated 1/1/18)

Portrait of Tiffany Lightle