Department of Economics

Tim Grewis

  • Graduated: 1990
  • Field: Management/Entrepreneurship

Tim Grewis, who graduated in 1990 with a BA in Economics and a BS in Accounting, has been working at Chevron since leaving Chico. His career has covered numerous roles in Chevron’s different business lines. Most recently he was the finance manager for the Chevron Refinery in Richmond, California. In early 2016, Tim moved back to Chevron headquarters in San Ramon as part of the Corporate Comptroller’s organization. Along the way, he completed an MBA in Finance at Saint Mary’s College of California in 1995.

"Economics provided a nice complement to Accounting," Tim stated in a recent email. It allowed me to better understand and appreciate the complexity of the energy business at both the international and local levels. (Last Updated 11/13/16)

Portrait of Tim Grewis