Department of Economics

Troy Kidd

  • Graduated: 1995
  • Field: Banking

Troy Kidd, who graduated in 1995 with a BA in Economics and a minor in Political  Science, is treasurer and tax collector for Butte County, California. After graduation Troy accepted a position with U.S. Bank in their government banking division in Colorado. In 1998 Troy returned to Butte County while still working for U.S. Bank. In 2008 he was promoted to vice president of government banking.

In 2019 Butte County voters elected Troy to his current position as treasurer and tax collector for Butte County in Oroville, California. “As the elected Treasurer-Tax Collector, Troy is responsible for managing the Treasury's $400 million pooled investment portfolio and oversees the department's three divisions - Treasury, Property Tax and Central Collections. Additionally Troy serves on a number of Butte County committees including the 457 Deferred Compensation Committee, Audit Committee, Finance Committee, and the Land Use Coordinating Committee.”

Troy is a member of Rotary, the Elks Club and he is on the Governing Board for Boy’s and Girl’s Club.  (Last Updated (12/29/20)

Portrait of Troy Kidd