Department of Economics

Zac Fleming

  • Graduated: 2010
  • Field: Education

Zac Fleming(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2010, works in business to business partnership development for ClassPass in Encinitas, California.

After graduation, Zac worked as a ticket operations agent for the San Diego Padres for over 3 years. Zac began working for MINDBODY(opens in new window), a company that produces software to help physical fitness firms manage their businesses, as a sales associate in San Luis Obispo, California at the end of 2015.

In 2017 Zac joined Strackaline LLC in Encinitas, California as operations manager for the firm that produces software for golfers. He was promoted to sales development rep about half a year later. After a few months, Zac moved to Columbia where he taught English before returning to California in 2019 to work remotely as a recruiter for Big Sky Mobile Imaging.

At the end of 2020, Zac started working remotely in partnership development where he is currently employed. I work in partnership development for ClassPass. I facilitate prosperous b2b partnerships in the health and wellness industry, Zac states on his LinkedIn page(opens in new window). (Last Updated 1/2/22)

Portrait of Zac Fleming