Chico Economics Graduate Careers - Construction

Georgy RomanyukGeorgy Romanyuk

Georgy Romanyuk, who graduated in 2013 with a BA in Economics, is working on his master’s in Construction Management at California State University, East Bay. “I am a motivated recent grad with excellent analytical, writing, and communication skills,” he states on his LinkedIn page. “My original plan upon graduation was to enter the business analytics profession, with another employment avenue lying within the freight forwarding industry (the most logical choice considering my combination of degrees, I suppose). Having graduated after "The Crash," though, I found work in my field hard to come by, and rather than sitting around, I decided to make something happen for myself. Always a bit of a handyman, I fell into the building trade, working odd jobs at first, … The next thing I knew, I had more tools than I had room for in my car, and a decent sum saved up.” George says that his success in construction motivated him to get a degree in Construction Management. (Last Updated 2/7/20)

Justin NicklawJustin Nicklaw

Justin Nicklaw, who graduated in 2009 with a BA in Economics, is a licensed general contractor working as a crew foreman for AGL Inc. in Martinez, California.  After graduation Justin began working as a carpenter for Clawson Construction.  In 2012 he earned his license as a general contractor.   He has been working for AGL since 2014.  “I manage a team of coworkers in the development and construction of a wide variety of landscape structures for Quality Gardening and Landscaping Inc. throughout the Bay Area,” he states on his LinkedIn page.  

 “I don't know how much of my degree has directly applied to my current job, but I am working towards becoming an estimator/lead sales position in the future,” Justin stated in a recent email.  “Maybe I'll go back to grad school later in life.”  (Last Updated 10/6/16)