Aly GillAly Gill

Aly Gill, who graduated in 2010 with a BA in Economics and a concentration in International, is director at PMK•BNC in West Hollywood, California. After graduation Aly joined INgrooves, an independent music distribution and marketing business in San Francisco, California, as executive assistant to the CEO. While working an INgrooves Aly received their annual innovation award in 2011. After almost 2 years with INgrooves Aly moved on to Universal Music Group in New York City. Universal promoted Aly to senior account executive in 2013 and to director of brand partnerships in 2014. In 2015 Aly moved back to California as account supervisor for PMK•BNC in Los Angeles. In 2016 PMK•BNC promoted Aly to director in West Hollywood, California.

In Aly’s senior year she stated in an Econ 495 paper that “… my dream job is to work putting on large events like concerts (music is my biggest passion) or fundraisers like cancer walks, etc. I love working with people and having the end result satisfy the community at large. So how can I fit economics and finance into my dream? I have no idea."

Aly found her dream job in the music industry.

Christina LorenChristina Loren

Christina Loren, who graduated in 2003 with a BA in Economics and a minor in Communications, is a certified meteorologist and the news anchor for RFD-TV in Nashville, Tennessee.  “Born and raised in Palm Springs, CA where rain is a rare occurrence, Christina studied satellite and radar imagery in order to let friends and family know whenever the prospect of rain was in the picture. “  Source

In 2008 Christina began working as the weekend meteorologist and weekday traffic anchor for CBS Miami in Florida and she enrolled at Mississippi State University.  After taking courses for 3 years online while working for CBS Miami, she received her certification in meteorology from Mississippi State in 2011.  Christina then moved back to California to work as the morning meteorologist for NBC Bay Area News in San Francisco.

After completion of the certificate she enrolled in Grand Canyon University in 2012.   Three years later she graduated with a MA in Theological Studies.

In 2015 Christina moved to Nashville where she now works for RFD-TV.

“My job is to forecast weather conditions that will impact American Farmers and ultimately how weather will affect the way that agricultural commodities are traded on the market,” Christina stated in a recent email. Essentially it’s weather for your wallet and the CSU Chico Economics Department equipped me with the skills necessary to understand the various market fundamentals that come into play each day. Without an economics background I would merely be a Meteorologist who forecasts weather. But with the economics background, I’m a Meteorologist who forecasts weather and markets.” 

Jason MellowJason Mellow 

Jason Mellow, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2001, is a singer and songwriter for the rock band "Not This Day" and he manages Fanciful Company, Inc. a harvesting company that operates in California and Arizona.  After graduation Jason went to work for the Salinas Police Department (SPD) as a crime scene investigator.  In 2004 SPD promoted Jason to field training officer. 

In 2005 Jason moved back to Chico to become a street crimes investigator for the Chico Police Department (CPD).  On his LinkedIn page Jason described his job: “I often investigated complex crimes involving burglary rings, fraud rings, drug trafficking organizations, child sex trafficking organizations and gangs. I worked in conjunction with other local, state and federal agencies conducting criminal investigations.”  Later he continued working for CPD as an officer on horseback pursuing fleeing suspects and managing crowds.

In 2008 Jason moved back to Salinas where he accepted a position as a gang intelligence officer with the SPD.  Jason states on his Linkedin page, “I completed gang investigations and assisted the Monterey County District Attorney's Office with gang investigations and successful prosecution of gangs and gang members. I provided patrol personnel and Investigation personnel with intelligence information regarding gang members and gang activity.” 

In 2011 Jason made a radical career move to become a songwriter, topliner and singer in Aromas, California.  In 2012 he completed an extended play number for the rock band, SAVO as lead singer and lyricist.  The following year he produced a Studio recording of The Beast with guitarist Robert Machado.  In 2014 he worked with George Pajon Jr. on two singles as the lead singer, lyricist, and songwriter.  Jason and Anthony Parker wrote and performed Self Inflicted Salvation.  He recorded other music including, Requiem, Heart of the Beast, Down There, Melancholy Mary, and Dirty Little Secret.

“I believe the best thing about obtaining an Economics degree is the diversity of opportunity this degree unlocks. The Economics Department at CSU Chico has profoundly impacted my personal and professional life, from personal budgeting and investing, to business strategy and economic trend foresight. This is the field of study I endorse when I am speaking with youngsters who are planning on attending college,” Jason stated in a recent email.

Dustin TruesdellDustin Truesdell

Dustin Truesdell, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 2005, played A-Rod in the Moneyball movie in 2010.  He is a consultant at Green World Services  in Lake Forest, California, and marketing manager for The Michael Alan Group in New York City. 

Justin acted in the following movies:

Silicon Valley (2014): Venture Capitalist
Looking (2013): Dom's friend 
Moneyball (2011): Alex Rodriquez
Contagion (2011): Extra

As manager of The Michael Alan Group, where he has worked since 2012, Dustin oversees some of the “headline-grabbing publicity stunts” that the firm produces for its clients.  For example, as part of a viral marketing campaign, Dustin coordinated a team of actors to protest EA Sports game Dante's Inferno.

At Green World Services he works with “industry leaders to implement facilities that utilize municipal solid waste to produce clean fuels and renewable chemicals.”