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Robert EylerRobert Eyler

Robert Eyler , who graduated with his BA in Economics in 1992, is Interim Dean, School of Extended and International Education, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Regional Economic Analysis at Sonoma State University . Robert earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in 1998. He is also the CEO of the Marin Economic Forum, a private-public partnership aimed at Marin County’s sustainable growth through business vitality, social equity and environmental balance.

“As an economics professor, economics is the core of what I do every day in terms of teaching, research, practical applications in economic development work, or consulting. In many cases, I am asked to provide guidance to local communities, news outlets, or private clients on the economic interpretation of events or specific microeconomic phenomena. I guide an annual economic forecast for the North Bay region in northern California, which includes Lake, Marin, Napa, Sonoma, Solano, and Mendocino counties. I am also running a public-private partnership in Marin County dedicated to economic development. That work includes various economic forecasts and analyses. My time at Chico State interested me in econometrics and forecasting and also teaching, all of which I apply daily.”

Robert is the author of two books and several academic articles concerning economic sanctions, the economics of the wine industry, and monetary economics. Dr. Eyler is often called up by the media for his expert input into the economic climate, acted as an expert witness in interstate trade litigation, and as a forensic economist. He also provides economic impact analyses for both private firms and public entities to help guide public policy at the local and state level and has been a visiting scholar at both the University of Bologna and Stanford University.

Jennifer Fullmer HarrisJennifer Fullmer Harris

Jennifer Fullmer Harris graduated in 1990 with BAs in Economics, German and International Relations. While a sophomore, Harris switched from Biology to Economics after realizing the latter was as essential to our daily personal and professional interactions as the former. She also enjoyed the fact that Economics, as a behavioral science, suited her growing interest in international cultures. She made two other key decisions to shape her career: to study overseas during her junior year (International Programs, Heidelberg ’87-88) and to complete a 6-month cooperative education program in Washington, D.C. during her senior year. This paid internship at U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) introduced the Chico native to life in many developing countries of our world. She joined the Economics Student Union to get to know the “mellower” side of ECON professors and students. Ironically, club antics brought out amusing, fanatical behavior by those who competed in the students vs. faculty/staff softball games of the late 1980's. Join and enjoy: the coveted bragging rights (or revisionist history) have no expiration date! After graduation from Chico State, she was hired at USAID where she served 11 years in three roles: Contracts/Grant Specialist (a field where being an ECON major will often get your foot in the door), Country Affairs Officer for the Baltics and Poland, and Environmental Protection Specialist in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Preferring a “left coast” life, she volunteered a year at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens and worked 6 years as a Buyer for a local manufacturing company.

Harris currently works at the CSU, Chico Research Foundation, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, developing grant proposals for faculty, staff and members of the various Research Foundation centers on campus. She wishes more were aware of the brilliant research and project direction that these people finesse every day at CSU, Chico. Advice for students: check out the growing field of project management, project evaluation, or research administration in which economics plays a vital role (i.e., where you can make a good living in the art of “teamwork”). Also, get to know the knowledgeable counselors at our campus Career Center and familiarize yourself ASAP with federal internship opportunities and deadlines.

Amanda Hoskins Amanda Hoskins

Amanda Hoskins completed here B.A. in Economics from CSU, Chico in December of 2009. After a brief period of working in industry in Sacramento, CA, she began a career in health sciences development at the University of Utah in September of 2010. While working full time, Amanda also completed her MBA from Utah State University in May of 2013. After filling a variety of initial roles including event coordination, donor relations, and gift officer, Amanda was promoted to the Director of Prospect Research in 2014. This role requires the use of database analytics to identify and supply donor prospects to the team of gift officers.

David KentinerDavid Kentiner

David Kentiner graduated from CSU, Chico with a BA in Economics and International Relations in 1995. He is Associate Director of Financial Aid and Scholarship at CSU, Chico. In a recent email he stated that " I had fallen in love with Chico and didn’t want to leave so started a MA program in Political Science. I completed my MA in Political Science in 2001. Halfway through my MA program, I applied for and began working at the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office as a Financial Aid Advisor.

David supervises many other staff positions, oversees compliance requirements and effectiveness of financial aid programs, manages implementation and evaluation of new programs, services and communications, interprets, document, and implements organization policies and procedures, manages funds, and represents the organization at university and system levels.

"I stumbled upon the field of Economics during my junior year as a Mechanical Engineering student at CSU, Chico, in my search for meaning and a better understanding of the world in which I lived. For some reason I was not exposed to the field of Economics prior to the fall of 1992. Perhaps growing up on a little Micronesian Island (Pohnpei or Ponape) before coming to college in California had something to do with it. I was not exposed to any economics ideas during my island educational experience. During the fall of 1992, I believe, I enrolled in an Introduction to Economics course with Professor Mark Morlock and I instantly fell in love with studying Economics. The field of Economics provided interesting concepts and theories and also tools that I can use to explain and predict events in my world. I loved this about the field of Economics. I met with Frederica Shockley, the Chair of the Economics Department, the next semester and changed my major from Mechanical Engineering to Economics."

"Generally, my degree in Economics helps me be more analytical in effectively carrying out the daily duties of my job as well as engaging in long term strategic planning for the organization. It specifically, helps me quickly assess the changing regulatory environment, evaluate its impact on administering our programs and implement processes as well as polices that effectively manages delivery of funds, communicates relevant and timely information, and meets the needs of our clients and the goals of the university."

mark morlockMark Morlock

Mark Morlock, who graduated with a BA in Economics in 1973, is professor emeritus at Chico State University. After graduation from Chico, Mark enrolled at Washington State University where he received his Ph.D. in Economics in 1978. In 1980 he joined the Economics faculty at Chico, specializing in labor economics, collective bargaining and conflict resolution and economic education. "Over the years he has served in a variety of administrative capacities at Chico State, including Economics Department Chair and Coordinator of the Social Science Program, and from 2009–2010, the interim Dean of the Graduate School," according to the University’s website.

Lingfei NiLingfei Ni

Lingfei Ni, who graduated with Honors in the Major in 2012, is executive assistant to the Department Chair at the Stanford University School of Medicine.  In 2011 the Department awarded Lingfei the John Smale Scholarship for Excellence in Economics.  As an economics majors at Chico State Lingfei worked tirelessly as a research assistant, a teaching assistant and a grader for Dr. Ruben Sargsyan and for Dr. Michael Perelman. He also spent many productive hours as a tutor for the Department of Economics. 

In 2010 the Economics Department gave Lingfei the Francis Economics Award for returning economics majors. In 2010-2011 the Department awarded him the General Douglas MacArthur Scholarship for his "exceptional academic achievement." In 2011 Lingfei received the Provost's Undergraduate Award for Research and Creativity to fund his proposal to create a disequilibrium model for the People's Republic of China under the guidance of Professor Ruben Sarsygan.

After graduation Lingfei served as a Summer Fellow at the American Institute for Economics Research in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where he completed three research papers on monetary economics, property rights, and economic methodology.

In 2016 Lingfei interned with the executive vice-president of AXA Advisors LLC in San Mateo, California.  After four months of his internship, AXA gave Lingfei a job as senior assistant to the Executive Vice President. He advised the firm about economic issues that affect their client’s retirement plans.

Before Lingfei joined AXA he worked as research assistant to the chief economist, Dr. Timothy Kane, at the Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. where he was in charge of gathering data, generating variables, and performing regressions analysis for Dr. Kane’s empirical research project on startup firms in the 50 states.  Lingfei also contributed to Dr. Kane’s book, Balance: The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America, with Dr. Glenn Hubbard, Dean of the business school at Columbia University. 

In a recent email, Lingfei said that, " My time in the Chico Econ Department has been the happiest, most rewarding period in my life. I was able to learn, create, and express myself freely."   (Last Updated 11/26/18)

Katrina RobertsonKatrina Robertson

Katrina Robertson graduated summa cum laude in 2002 with a B.A. in Economics and a Minor in Business Administration. After graduation she began working for a local accounting firm. In 2011 Katrina came back to campus as an Accounting Supervisor for the Associated Students of CSU, Chico. In her current position she supervises accounting technicians and performs a variety of professional financial analyses and accounting functions. In a recent email Katrina stated that “My degree in Economics has given me the analytical reasoning skills and math and communication skills necessary for my job. Additionally, I gained a general understanding of the different elements of a business, enabling me to see the full picture.”

Katy ThomaKaty Thoma

Katy Thoma, who completed her requirements for graduation in 1980, came back to campus in Spring 2013 as Executive Director of the Chico State Research Foundation. She began her career in banking at the downtown Chico branch of Bank of America in 1977. After finishing her course work she moved to Pullman, WA where she worked for Seafirst Bank. Katy returned to Chico in 1984 and furthered her career in banking by going to work for locally owned North State National Bank (later acquired by Tri Counties Bank). In the 1993 she became the director of Chico’s Jesus Center, an organization that serves the needs of the poor. After working at the Jesus Center for 10 years, she returned to banking, serving as vice-president and branch manager for Butte Community Bank (later Rabobank) before coming to the Research Foundation. Katy’s experience in both the non-profit sector and the banking industry make her uniquely qualified to head the Research Foundation as much of what she oversees is operational and compliance in nature. She also began serving as president of Chico Rotary in the summer of 2013. Katy also served on the Planetree leadership team at Enloe Medical Center for 5 years, she currently serves on the Chico Police Foundation Board and volunteers at her church.

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