Ecotherapy Program

Forest Therapy

Professionally guided, immersive group experiences in a variety of natural environments.

Guided Immersions in Natural Environments

Forest Therapy is designed to support health and wellness through guided immersions in natural environments to promote the well-being of both people and the land. Inspired by Shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of “Forest Bathing,” Forest Therapy has been proven to enhance health, wellness, and happiness.

Deepen Your Sensory Experience

Forest Therapy is an opportunity to slow down, relax, and experience the natural world through your senses. During your guided immersion, an ANFT-certified guide will offer a series of invitations to deepen your sensory experience and assist you in finding your own authentic way of interacting with the land. Forest Therapy experiences finish up with tea made from wild-harvested forest herbs and snacks.

Positive Benefits

Studies from around the world have shown Forest Therapy can:

  • Reduce cortisol and adrenaline levels.
  • Enhance immune system function by increasing the production of natural killer cells.
  • Improve respiratory and cardiovascular function.
  • Decrease anxiety and depression.
  • Improve mood, focus, academic performance, and creativity.


30-minute “Activity”

Guided sensory and embodiment activity + intro to the science behind Forest Therapy.
Offered: on-campus or virtual

1-1.5 hour “Taster”

Forest Therapy.
Offered: on-campus, CSUC Ecological Reserves, Bidwell Park

2-3 hour “Full” Forest Therapy Experience

Offered: on-campus, CSUC Ecological Reserves, Chico and Paradise Parks locations.

Forest Therapy